Nicholas Nickleby - The Musical
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Act I
Fine Beginnings : Ralph, Nicholas, Kate, Mrs. Nickleby
The Saracen's Head : Chorus
Brimstone and Treacle : Squeers, Mrs. Squeers, Boys
Speculation : Fanny Squeers, Matilda Price, Nicholas, John Browdie
Mantalini's : Kate, Mantalini's Girls
That Boy Smike : Squeers, Mrs. Squeers
The Crummles Theatre Company : Crummles, Chorus
Sir Mulberry Hawk : Ralph, Verisopht, Hawk, Pyke, Pluck
The Crummles Theatre Company (Reprise) : Nicholas, Crummles, Chorus
Act II
London At Last : Nicholas, Chorus
The Brothers Cheeryble : Nicholas, Charles, Ned
New Song : Nicholas, Madeline
Soldier On : Peg Sliderskew
Madeline's Rescue : Nicholas, Ralph
The Wheel of Fortune : Squeers, Chorus, Street Children
Eden : Nicholas, Smike
My Own Child : Ralph
Claim the Day : Nicholas, Company